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Five ways that a Lady Real Estate Agent can do Suits Right 

Sharah Amani, Mathers Realty 

First impression counts! Yes, it does. Don’t get me wrong, building an open, honest and trusting relationship in the long run is our biggest branding investment, but that initial first impression will get us through the door. As Lady Real Estate Agents, we often ask each other what fashion works and when is it appropriate to dress a certain way. In my experience, I am usually told that I am overdressed when I wear a suit to an appointment. Do I think so, YES absolutely but I feel confident, professional and I have a ready-made spot for my name badge to sit and be noticed. How do you make a Suit work? What is the right way to make a Suit work for you? Pant suits, Skirt Suit, Dress Suit? The choices are endless. But how do you know what’s right for you? How do you dress it up or down to complete your professional look?

 Five ways to do Suits the right way.


 1.TRY before you buy

 Suits are not cheap, therefore you do not want to spend a lot of money on one and then have to return it or keep it in your closet. Make a shopping trip of it. If you can recruit some friends to come along, then invite them. It’s pretty hard to try on a suit and observe what it looks like from all angles. Have them tell you exactly what they think? Does it fit? Does it flatter your shape? Does it make you look too stuffy? Be sure to try on a few different sizes as shops will usually have different cuts. I consider myself a Size 4 but in Ann Taylor, I wear size 0 pants. So shop around and find your perfect size in each shop you visit.

2.If you can, avoid ordering suits online 

Yes, I can say been there and done that. I have spent so much time sending stuff back because they did not look like the picture, plus they did not fit me the same way it did the model on the website (I wonder why? Ha). So, no do not go online and order a suit before trying it. There are exceptions, buying the same style from a shop that you have bought from before, when you know your size and you know the style that you want. So go ahead ladies, schedule some time on your calendar to go Suit shopping from some local shops.

 3.Remember, not every suit is made with everyone in mind 

Every lady has a different shape, look, height, proportions. Let’s face it, the list is endless. I have a great friend who wears lots of pant suits. They look perfect on her, it looks effortless. I went ahead and bought a pant suit, but I could not find one that fit right. I needed a bigger jacket size and smaller pants’ size. So each pant suit would either be too baggy around the hips or the jacket would not button up. Then I tried a dress suit! I have never looked back. It’s perfect for me. So play around with the different styles. Try on a few different cuts and be sure to take a good look at what you look like in the mirror, how do you feel? Does it feel comfortable or somewhat too restrictive? Skirt suits are great and I truly believe that any lady can make it work. 

4.Dress it up / Accessorize 

When the Suit fits well, you can add anything to it, a button down shirt is always a winner. It adds a little contrast and a feminine touch. Accessorize with a simple necklace. I have a little white gold chain with a small cross that I have had for years. It works for me. I like simple jewelry, so I add earrings to the mix. 

5.Experiment with Color

 I have to agree; a dark suit is very easy to pull off. I like to go with how I feel. I have a Cream skirt suit which I will wear with a brightly colored shirt (pink or purple are my favorites). My shoes always get noticed when I wear a skirt. In the summer I will wear some cute pumps (always an ice breaker with ladies I meet – some have become clients). A black skirt and colored jacket combo always works, it’s fashionable and professional. And if prefer the dark colors, wear it with a colorful shirt, shoes or even a scarf. 

Sharah Amani, Realtor / Broker 

Sharah is a Realtor Licenced to practice Real Estate in North Carolina. This works at Mathers Realty in the Matthews area just south of Charlotte. Sharah has a passion for Real Estate and has helped both buyers and sellers with all processes of acquiring or selling a home in the State of NC. She admits that nothing is more rewarding than watching a buyer move into their dream home, "it is always such a happy time for a family!" 

She enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, cooking and reading books. 


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